Google Is Throwing Millions of Dollars at the Fake News Problem

Google has decided to get serious about cracking down on the spread of fake news and the algorithms that enable its platforms to circulate these untrustworthy sources. The tech giant announced on Tuesday that, over the course of the next three years, they will be launching a $300 million initiative to guide users toward “more authoritative content” to combat the spread of false information, The Washington Post reports.

Part of this initiative is something called the “Disinfo Lab,” which will partner with universities like Harvard and Stanford to curb the spread of misinformation by creating digital literacy education programs that will benefit the group of young, American media consumers who will eventually become voters.

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24 thoughts on “Google Is Throwing Millions of Dollars at the Fake News Problem

  1. Google should be the first one under attack. The idea they are positioning themselves as an entity that hasn't been the front runner in pushing and spreading fake news, manipulation and propaganda is laughable. We had a law against propaganda in this country until Obama. U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans.

  2. More like stopping people from seeing the TRUTH!! And they want you to believe “science” and not the bible, and common sense… what a load of BULLSHIT the earth is FLAT wake up people!!!! NASA in Hebrew means lier/deceiver… coincidence? I THINK THE FUCK NOT… Romans went against God and killed Jesus, guess who was the first person to say the earth was “round” a ROMAN, the US is very SIMILAR to the ROMAN EMPIRE… WAKE TF UP PEOPLE

  3. Fake news' purpose is to confuse and needlessly enrage without truly informing the public. They do not serve a public good or trust. While I'll defend its existence because I believe in the First Amendment, Google has every right to crack down on it. The company also has the right to put whatever it wants in its platform. Fake news outlets should print its content on newspapers because they're both cheap and disposable.

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