Grammy Awards Expand Number of Nominees For Major Categories

The Recording Academy revealed Tuesday that it has expanded the number of nominations for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist, from five nominees to eight, Variety reports. The changes will be implemented right away, with the next Grammy Awards in 2019.

The announcement was sent to Academy members this morning, which said of the expansion, “This change will better reflect the large number of entries in these categories and allow voters greater flexibility when selecting this year’s best recordings.” These are the biggest changes the Grammys has implemented since the award show was introduced in 1959.

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28 thoughts on “Grammy Awards Expand Number of Nominees For Major Categories

  1. Nipsey Hussle better win Rap album of the year no one has dropped a cohesive peice of work like Victory Lap in over a decade I my mind no one else is even close everyone else just has separate songs together on a album

  2. I stop watching the Vma's, BET awards, Grammys and other award show. Super irrelevant. I much prefer watching youtube.

    Much love to all of my fellow Youtubers. =)

  3. Grammys are just a popularity contest atm. They don’t really mean shit, and it will never mean shit again, untill the people get to vote. In an optimal World 1-800 (a song who has data, which prove the song saves lives) wins song of the yeah over a song about getting a BJ. Artist only care because It’s nostalgic

  4. The Grammy’s aren’t even credible no more or as elite like the once were…. they gave the awards to the most popular artist and not actually too the artist with talent. It’s actually really annoying it’s not about the art and people creativity no more it’s about how many album sales which does not correlate with talent in my opinion.

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