Grammy Ratings Are Trash, Projecting Drake’s 2018, Rae Sremmurd Solo Albums | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and STAR break down why this year’s Grammy ratings are so bad and debate about the thought process behind Rae Sremmurd’s upcoming triple album.

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35 thoughts on “Grammy Ratings Are Trash, Projecting Drake’s 2018, Rae Sremmurd Solo Albums | Everyday Struggle

  1. All I'm reading is hate, they're doing just fine, star is doing fine asserting himself and ak and nadeska have to play devils advocate from time to time, or else there would be no show, it would just be star giving his opinion and thas that, its everyday struggle not stars monologue hour of things hiphop

  2. A.cara definitely made music that was more open than sza and Uzi. The vibe was more accessible to the emotional pallet of any persons. I think act and desk was bias to there choice.

    Like if you take the song they made vedios to a.cara was not with the norm(song Here) but sza hit was definitely side chick music Uzi was about Break up but a.c was about escape from norm and embracing identity.

  3. I’d walk away from this show if I was star. They try to discredit him n treat him like he don’t know what he’s talking about bc he doesn’t keep up w/ new artists as much but he knows shit about the industry they’ll never understand smh

  4. Akadummy wants to be intelligent like a blind man wants to see; Nadeska needs just moderate(obviously since joe left complex told her she needed to step up more)…. I don’t see Star staying around for their BS for more than 6 months, unless some changes are made. Like a new co host that is as knowledgeable as him and a neutral moderator.

  5. I thought Star was nice now. That’s what the Joe Budden podcast said. So I came to check. And he is still a completely arrogant asshole. He does not have redeeming qualities. He’s just a dick. And he doesn’t even get along with pinky and whackademiks.

  6. Deska and Ak are too loose in their arguments for STAR. Star is a higher caliber debater. He does his homework. He isn’t casual. He’s been doing this exclusively for a long time. This is a bad match up. Star will have to either lower his bar of agreement or those two will have to get more serious about theirs. This will either be a loosely based talk show or a segment on sirius xm. But they can’t be in between. This may not actually be able to work.

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