Grammys Ignoring Travis Scott Was a ‘Real Driver’ Behind ‘ASTROWORLD’

With each listen of ASTROWORLD, you’ll likely find a new, previously unnoticed moment to obsess over. This is of course the hallmark of a truly accomplished work of art, and according to the guy who helped Travis Scott assemble a veritable supergroup of collaborators for the album, a certain awards snub was a driving force behind the vision.’

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27 thoughts on “Grammys Ignoring Travis Scott Was a ‘Real Driver’ Behind ‘ASTROWORLD’

  1. F**k Cardi B – she doesn't write any of her music , she literally said how she used to scam men out of there money. idgaf she was a stripper and all that shit she literally sold her self and it hyping it up. only reason she won the grammy was because of her toxic/ignorant ass personality that people are obsessed with for some reason. She actually promotes that shit like it's cool to be doing that shit. 90% of her fans are broke hood rats who think they on her level but really selling their souls. It's only a matter of time until her fake ass hype train starts to slow down, even them collabs with them mexican niggas gone start to get weak. #TRAVISGOTSNUBBED. #CARDIISAROBOT #OFFSETANDHERPUBLICISTWRITESCARDILYRICS

  2. He def deserve 1 for Rodeo… Birds was dope too… Astro, Ebola sick… Give dat man what he deserves… 🙌… But we all know the grammys (Yeah lower case grammy & no apostrophe) is politics… Straight Out ta Compton broke records but none of the black crew where invited, only the white writer's… What does that say???

  3. Objectively speaking, this Astroworld is better than BITTSM or RODEO. Better bars from Travis, better production, superstar features, a more original thought into the overall concept of the album in leu of rodeo's mimicry of kid cudi's man on moon. It's a more mature travis and we all love rodeo, but artists change and diversify and try to top themselves by doing what they haven't before. That means not making another rodeo, because it's redundant. It's a great album and I like that him and his crew put so much energy into the product

  4. yeah sorry its too many other great projects out here to say that this is gonna be worth nominating for a grammy: Redemption, Victory Lap, KOD, Daytona, Kids See Ghosts, TA1300, The Book Of Ryan, The Carters… remember Astro World has to compete with all of this and more.

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