Greedo on 2Pac: ‘Pac Was a B*tch-Ass N***a’

In what might be the most controversial interview of the year so far, 03 Greedo has weighed in on the 2Pac debate started by Lil Xan.

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41 thoughts on “Greedo on 2Pac: ‘Pac Was a B*tch-Ass N***a’

  1. Greedo should stfu he trash asf. Pac ran wit Mob Piru (Suge Knight’s set) and showed he was down. But anyone can tatt a hood in their face & still be a bitch. Greedo dumb asf

  2. I never heard of this clown all these new fake rappers must come out the Circus tattoo face ass goofy weak trash ass be gone said your opinion doesn’t even matter you will never be on Tupac level fuckin joke 😂😂😂

  3. Hes literally telling the truth though tupac was a whole ass actor never was a gangsta you guys needa do your research and watch his interviews, then ask yourself if the shit he says in interviews even make sense

  4. Tupac is one of the greatest performers rappers of all time, but even I know he wasn't gangster and he was a industry plant. He was taken out by the feds/CIA when he became to powerful, he was the voice of a generation and could easily of started a revolution with his lyrics

  5. 2pac was not no real goon. He died trying to be something he not got him killed. Y’all act Tupac was a God. He promoted music that handicap our neighbor hood. You can’t play both sides!!

  6. It’s crazy how Tupac make a couple of positive songs everybody look at him as Romodel Tupac was a false Messiah miss leading the black community and he was a plant form the government you got to think about it Tupac contradict him self in a lot of his interviews in he Contradict himself and all his songs he even says in his song smile for me he said he sold his His soul to the devil for Fortune and fame I’m no longer idolize a devil worshiper you people need to wake the fuck up Y’all still stuck in the matrix

  7. Tupac was a literal actor i respect he left a kinda positive mark after he died he talked alot of shit as much as he did real positive shit he was a pawn in the industry that tried to run the ball but suge was like nah n backdoored him in traffic harsh but oh well thats what happens when u play with REAL gangsters huh tupac was bipolar af between his positive n thug persona and that there isnt 100 his actions speak wonders n idgaf im not hating on pac shoutout to him and his legacy i just call it how i see it from a middle ground no dick riding biased opinions i mean sure pacs music bumps decades beyond all im saying is his character aint what they made it out to be he was manufactured by the industry a sellout at the end of the day even with all them woke songs whats the point of making them if u dont follow through thats saying one thing and doing another a hypocrite not leading by example #fake

  8. Funny the same dude that shot two cops, did time in Clinton , and still came out of it with his heart intact. PAC might not have fully understood the streets but was far from a bitch.

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