41 thoughts on “Gucci Mane a liar? Gucci Mane Reacts Angela Yee saying All Comes from YO Gotti Keyshia Kaior

  1. I knew it Gucci mane is a liar. My opinion Gucci mane should not only be banned from the breakfast club basically all hip hop stations he a notorious womanizer he should get the same ban as K Michele just a suggestion.

  2. Damn g u gon slam hate on the man like that. It's fucking weird as shit that none of these radio shows or podcasters are bringing up the fact that she said she had a deep pussy. I mean that got to be address instead of claiming my man insane though? Something is going on in the industry it's weird as fuck but it's something cuz it don't make no sense how nobody talking bout how she wasn't even paying attention to interviewing she was shooting her shot n hit 3's n dat bitch! no!? nobody seen the obvious fucking interview that's in question? y'all really put out a criteria to stir up a gucci vs gotta beef lol that's crazy man it's like a was an email that went out and said everyone talk about how he was on drugs n went on that rant and got locked up. Hurry and send it to all bloggers podcast and radios make him look bad. And NO ONE MENTION HER DEEP PUSSY COMMENT!!😂😂

  3. I believe it some truth to what Gucci is saying. Facts how you say someone is your homie but fuck your girl,sucker shit. He said he had a threesome with Keisha also. They’re still together must be true. When Nikki was around Gucci she was broke and a nobody. If they ran her she will never come clean 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. 🙄 ANOTHER VIDEO OF JORDAN TOWER BRINGING UP YO GOTTI NAME IN SOMETHING THATS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOTTI…… because he didn’t take you to the TOP with him after you shot his videos …. get a life Jordan T….

  5. He wasnt mad at them people he was high its a difference &him &juice man been squashed that shit , Gucci making classic music ,he akready git a song wth the Baby&chance the rapper in The Babys album Smh JT what type of reporter are you,you be lost out here

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