Guest Cody Garbrandt Talks Steph Curry’s Record 3’s; KD Being a Beta; MMA Kicks | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, former UFC champion Cody Garbrandt joins Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson to discuss his beloved Cavs losing Game 2 of the NBA Finals to fall into a 2-0 hole heading back to Cleveland. Despite Steph Curry scoring 33 points and making nine threes to set a NBA Finals record, Gil argues that the Warriors superstar is not the front runner to win the series MVP. Plus, Gil and Cody break down the problems with LeBron James’ supporting cast.

In “Fire Fit,” the panel rates the distinct Finals looks of LeBron and Nick Young. Are King James’ suit with shorts ensembles acceptable for basketball royalty? And did Swaggy P wear the wrong Golden State throwback in Oakland on Sunday?

Next, OOB reacts to Cavs players Rodney Hood and J.R. Smith recently saying that it’s difficult playing alongside a megastar like LeBron. Gil has some particularly strong words for both guys about their roles on the roster and their place in the lineup and league going forward. With the conversation turning to the necessity of putting in work and preparing to perform, Cody explains what goes into one of his fights.

Following an enlightening oral history of the Hamptons Five meeting, in which Kevin Durant revealed that he needed peer validation in free agency, the crew discusses what separates alpha males from betas in sports. Gil names the real Warriors alpha, as well as several superstars who were not alphas β€” including some that may surprise you.

In closing, Cody talks about what it’s like to kick and be kicked in an MMA fight, so you don’t have to find out for yourself.

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39 thoughts on “Guest Cody Garbrandt Talks Steph Curry’s Record 3’s; KD Being a Beta; MMA Kicks | Out of Bounds

  1. Imagine being a basketball player, but being so poorly informed that you don't know the Cavs don't practice at all, despite it being reported on for the past three seasons. Can't relate.

  2. It's funny.. JR Smith before he came to Cleveland was a ball handler he drove a lot to the basket. Use to dunk a lot. He came to Cleveland his whole game changed.. Just like Love's he was the best PF in basketball now he's a shell of himself….they all just stand there and wait on LeBron

  3. Lebron outfit was not πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ first off It’s summer he got on entirely to much clothes hoodie and a suit jacket πŸ‘€ with shorts it was 80 something degrees in Oakland

  4. 2 points
    1.Cody "I don't know" Garbrandt literally has no charisma for this shit
    2.pierce would be much more comfortable with arenas's nuts hanging right in his mouth- rather than in and around for future shows.

  5. Curry was clownin'…Cavs just don't have the guys…was kinda sad and even more interesting how Warriors and Cavs approached game 1…if Warriors lose one game that is a terrible look for them…

    Can LeBron maintain a 50-60 pt effort again? The game they got last year they had to drop like 134 or so to get it…this team isn't scoring at that level ever…Hood, JR, Jeff Green and Clarkson all need to be sent down to D-league to rehab their game/mentality…Lue should just let Nance and Osman get more burn with Korver and Jose…at least guys will hit shots and give consistent effort…I'm most surprise in Clarkson being terrible an entire playoff…coming off the bench I though he and Hood would at least be able to score…NOT being able to score off of LeBron and Love is crazy to me…

  6. Let’s get this going !!! Waited all weekend for this show! How do we get you guys on 5 days a week at least?! Gilbert you need to be coaching if the $$ is worth it! Mahalo 808

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