Guest Demetrius Shipp, Jr. Talks KD Balling, Lazy James Harden, LiAngelo to Lakers | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr. joins Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson to talk about Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The Warriors beat the Rockets 119-106 to take a 1-0 lead in the series, with Kevin Durant giving Houston 37 points. Do the Rockets have an answer for KD? Also, Gil explains what James Harden did wrong despite dropping a game-high 41 points, before completely slandering one unfortunate Rockets player who may find himself benched soon.

Looking ahead to tonight’s Game 2 in the Eastern Conference Finals, the panel asks if LeBron James and the Cavs can rebound after Boston blew them out 108-83 in the series opener, with Marcus Morris holding King James to just 15 points on 5-for-16 shooting. Even if LBJ balls out, will the rest of the Cavs deliver? Plus, whose adjustments will prevail: Celtics coach Brad Stevens’ or LeBron’s with his photographic memory of games?

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, allowing states to legalize betting on sports. Resident gambling addict Adam asks if legal sports betting will corrupt sports any more than illegal gambling did, if leagues were ever truly concerned about the “integrity of the game,” and how the ruling will affect players, collective bargaining, and salary caps moving forward.

Finally, after LiAngelo Ball told ESPN it’s a “priority” to be drafted by the Lakers and to play with his older brother Lonzo, Gil and the guys discuss whether Gelo should reevaluate his priorities given his shaky draft stock. Also, how should other teams feel about him being “willing to play” for them. Is there an NBA team he’d fit on? Is he even good enough to play in the summer league? The G League? Plus, Demetrius shares some inside info on Gelo that he got from his UCLA connect.

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43 thoughts on “Guest Demetrius Shipp, Jr. Talks KD Balling, Lazy James Harden, LiAngelo to Lakers | Out of Bounds

  1. I’m talk about the rockets once and that’s it idc about what people say but…

    Your iso basketball is garbage. Your gunna sit up here in the conference finals. And play selfish wanna be the best kid on the block basketball. Against literally the best team in the NBA that has shooters and stars everywhere you look. 1v5? Are you serious. “Y’all have prepared for this” by what? Perfecting your crossover and step back 3… and everyone else on your team only practicing 3’s and lobs. Bro are you serious?
    You have scores as well all over the place on Houston. Joe Johnson is sitting on the bench. When we was once the best ISO’ player in the game… what the hell are you doing. Seriously dan Toni… your gunna use the same formula last year that ran your best player into the ground. And now that you have 2 of the same type of player you just want both of them to take turns crossing up people.. harden and CP3 BARLEY even have plays that use both of them TOGETHER… everytime one has it.. the other is in the corner doing nothing… or on the bench… OMG man. How pathetic of a game plan can you have against the best team. That also is a top defensive team… the warriors had hands on there knees man… come on now…

    How about you run a system that has everyone moving!! That way everyone has a chance to score???? And that way as well your not giving brakes to GS on defense by only having to guard 3 people max man!!!! THESE ARE THE WARRIORS hello??!?!? Thats why you built the team like this hello? Full of scores hello?!?!? So why not move the ball efficiently instead of waiting till there’s 5 secs left on the clock and everyone literally only has time for 2, 3 dribbles man. Then rushes and shoots a bad shot? Can everyone on your team can make hard shots like harden????? Noooooo!

    Like can I slap you?!?!?

    You wanna know how to solve your problems??!?!????

    Well If you stayed you bouta get some gold!
    Let’s start with KD, he’s the outlier correct?!?! No one can guard him correct? No one is as big as him correct….
    But people are so annoying and stuck in there ways they don’t wanna give ole boy a chance but if you don’t do anything your going home anyways
    ZHOU QI!
    Zhou Qi! Zhou Qi!!!!! ZHOU QI!
    Zhou Qi! Zhou Qi!!!!! ZHOU QI!
    Zhou Qi! Zhou Qi!!!!! ZHOU QI!
    Zhou Qi! Zhou Qi!!!!! This guy is just as big as KD! Same weight! Bigger in fact. Can shoot the 3 which the rockets want. And he can handle the ball well for a big man?!?!? And not that slow by the way, also has records for most blocks over there in China …lead his international team to a title?!?! And is a unicorn like Porzingus?!?!?? GO WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!!

    Bro!!?!?! What are yall doing? He literally can change the game. The whole game. Put him on KD, and make him have to shoot over someone taller than him. Give the kid confidence and he will deliver. Everytime I’ve watched to play, he comes out hunger and eager… something to prove which the rockets need rn.
    But even at that
    If you start
    Chris Paul
    Zhou Qi
    Zhou Qi
    Mbauh muate **

    It will not matter tho if the rockets don’t change how they play basketball…
    You can’t expect players to sit around all game and only touch the ball the last 7 seconds and expect them to wanna play defense as well.. when they can’t even shoot or dribble. The subs get frustrated by missing one shot bc they know if I miss most likely Toni is taking me out bc he don’t like sub people in.. in the first place soooooo… and most of all..

    You have your two bet players working separately not together and that in itself will be there down fall. Take it or leave it man. Fuck… lmao

  2. The way they talk about Gelo then we need to not pay attention to High School basketball at all anymore…people talk about the kid like he is trash with no skill at all. We'll see…at this stage Lavar and his own actions in UCLA didn't do him any favors as I thought he had a chance to shine in UCLA as a shot maker and post player against his age group to stand out a bit.

  3. Had 2 give a dislike 2day
    Cuz that mf looks nothing like Pac.He don't even look like em in the mfkin thumbnail 🤣🤣…and I still ain't watch dat TRASH ASS movie

  4. I'm from europe..can someone tell me why we have to talk about these ball brothers? what' s the big deal with them..i saw videos of them and they aren't any good

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