Guest Matt Barnes Pulls No Punches; Blake Ex Drama; Should Refs Get Ejected? | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, NBA bad boy Matt Barnes joins Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew to discuss on- and off-court hoops action. Getting things started, Matt tells the back story of his infamous fake pass at Kobe’s face, which revealed Black Mamba to be as cold-blooded as they come. Next, the guys give their two cents on a lawsuit that Blake Griffin’s former fiancee filed on Valentine’s Day, dragging the five-time All-Star, who’s now dating model Kendall Jenner. The suit claims he’s a deadbeat dad who prioritizes Hollywood celebrity over family. Matt, who played with Blake, shares some observations and words of wisdom about bitter exes. In less ugly V-Day news, Giannis Antetokounmpo put his girlfriend on blast, showing off the sex toy she got him on IG live. The gang decides whether that was fair or foul, and Gil explains how he would make use of the thoughtful gift. Following the ejection of Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo last night, for a skirmish reportedly fueled by shade Rondo threw at IT, the team says the real problem is the refs, and offers a suggestion for how the NBA should deal with bad, whistle-happy officials. Gil and Matt then put to rest the debate over whether or not Warriors coach Steve Kerr disrespected the Suns Monday by letting his players call their own plays. And finally, in “The Pull-Up,” the NBA vets advise the league on how it can fix the All-Star Game and the weekend generally. If the Association doesn’t finish with these great assists, it needs to be sent to the G League.

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38 thoughts on “Guest Matt Barnes Pulls No Punches; Blake Ex Drama; Should Refs Get Ejected? | Out of Bounds

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    Matt was ordered to pay 15k a month back in 2007. That's 180,000 yearly until the baby is 18 in 2025. Meaning Matt, who hasn't been involved with this woman since 2006, will pay her 2,700.000.

    That's nothing compared to what she's doing to Blake! The courts ordered him to pay 258,000 a month in child support. That's 3,096,000 a year. It's unclear how old Blake's kids are but let's say the oldest is five meaning he only has to pay that full amount for another 13 years starting in 2019 and ending in 2032. Over the course of that time Blake will pay her 40,248,000. 40 million dollars!!

    Do you know why they never got married? Blake asked for a prenuptial agreement and she wasn't having it because she's was only in it for the money! She got to the bottom of the top 1% by doing nothing other then laying on her back for 6-10 minutes at least three times in her life and that's it!!

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    Fun fact, her brother,Jordan Cameron, is currently dating Tiger Wood's ex wife who could be known as a gold digger herself but tiger cheated on her with like 30 bitches so ¯_(ツ)_/.

  2. Wait a fking minute this lady Blake ex is getting child support from 2 NOT 1 but 2 sports athletes and she doesn't work and the courts see nothing wrong with this ????

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