Guillermo Del Toro Is Facing Another Plagiarism Accusation for ‘The Shape of Water’

The director is facing another claim that he stole key elements of the film’s plot.

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43 thoughts on “Guillermo Del Toro Is Facing Another Plagiarism Accusation for ‘The Shape of Water’

  1. It struck me that Jean Pierre copied a scene from Ettore Scolas "Down and Dirty".
    Remember the scene of the conjuncted twins who were trading stuff, using their arms in a simultaneous fashion in The City of Lost Children (1995)…
    Also hes also been heavily influenced by L'Atalante 1934…You may call all of this a tribute to old masters, but were do you draw the line?

  2. it did feel more like a Jean-Pierre Jeunet Then a Del Toro film but if There gonna punish him for that then Tarantino should get sued or what ever for his entire filmography exesally Reservoir dogs witch was mostly based on city on fire by Ringo lamb you don't see him bitching about it i think the scene is a nice tip of that hat from one filmmaker to another and the other ones being a baby back bitch Jean Pierre i mean but when was the last time he made a good movie since Amélie Never hahhahahahhahaa

  3. lol this is utterlty ridiculous and why is complex reporting allegations out to the public. this man thinks there scenes are copy and pasted while if you watch the side by sides theyre almost nothing alike

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