Haha Davis Experiences Racism While Trying The Record Skit in ATL

Haha Davis Experiences Racism While Trying The Record Skit in ATL
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Author: admin

26 thoughts on “Haha Davis Experiences Racism While Trying The Record Skit in ATL

  1. I enjoy your content, yet most folks would call the cops on someone in a jail outfit even if it's a custom, Folks have called on Tom Mabe for wearing prison outfit. In this situation both could of handled it a lot better. Good luck on all your lifes adventures, be blessed

  2. 1. You're outside in public wearing a Prison jumpsuit.

    2. You were following here. She kept walking away and you followed her to make sure she was on camera.

    3. Back to point 1. If you're outside making a scene (which you probably do when filming your skits) and attracting attention while wearing that jumpsuit, anyone in their right mind would come over and question it. What do you think would happen? She was just going to see you outside wearing that and think to herself "Ahh, I bet it's nothing." Anyone in their right mind would question that. She's not a racist bro.

  3. I'm not saying she's right or anything. But c'mon bro. If you were outside and had on that State Prisoner jumpsuit on, I would be suspicious too. It's not like you were selling waters and she called the Cops, or she asked you to prove you lived in a building. What did you expect? Someone to be outside and see someone with a Prisoner jumpsuit on think to themselves… "What a nice day outside. Look, there's a squirrel, there's a park, there's a man wearing a Prison jumpsuit outside." Lmao

  4. LOL!!!! he was talking about what how he was being discriminated then, "GUUUUUAAAAARD!!" LMAOOOO 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣….he can't be serious for a second, lol!!!

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