31 thoughts on “Haha Davis When it’s almost time to go back to school

  1. That woulda been my dad my entire life. Now im in real grown up adult life with 4 fellonies a two time felon out the federal max penitentiary making a $1000 a week legally in a labor union on average using none of the skills school taught me to survive as my friends when to school all make less stuck with high intrest rate student debt in jobs they got degrees in with batchlor degrees and etc. and degrees they had to go years to school to get making no money whie me and my friends in other trades and unions and dudes with csl liscence make starting sallary and $10,000 signing bonuses and excons and dudes who can barely read pass them in life. Importance of School is a lie in todays socialy adults tell kids because they dont know no better and thats all they know they were told. If you aint gonna become a medical doctor or college professor with 10 year or optometrist,dentist,lawyer,or architectual engineer or engineer or architect or some thing that pays over $100,000 a year or more after taxes and you just gonna try to make $25,000 to $65,000 a year become a cement mason or brick layer or pipe fitter or automechanic or carpenter electrician or laborer in a union or cdl liscened truck driver. Thiers people in some regions now making more money off uber and lyt than with degrees save your self the wasted time and energy. Now id go to school after that to learn something that helps you run your own busines or gives you fufillment etc. But not to work for someone else doing something you really dont want to do.

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