Halle Berry Breaks Silence on Former Manager’s Sexual Harassment Accusations

Nine women are accusing Halle Berry’s former manager, Vincent Cirrincione, of sexual misconduct.

The Washington Post reports that Cirrincione allegedly offered to manage the careers of at least nine minority women in exchange for sexual favors. According to many of the women, Cirrincione painted himself as the “father to all black actresses,” since he played an integral role in Halle Berry and Taraji P. Henson’s career.

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27 thoughts on “Halle Berry Breaks Silence on Former Manager’s Sexual Harassment Accusations

  1. Helped pay your rent, and for your son's school!?….Taraji fucked dude….gave him some cookie!…because in the words of Lem from Soul Food "AINT NO MAN GONE GIVE YOU A MUTHAFUCKIN' THING FOR FREE!"

  2. I feel sorry for people who have been sexual harasst but I am with Wendy Williams on this… I am sick of this me too shit. Its like I get, but its like dame who next to finally tell…

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