Harden Breaking Records; All-Star Injuries; LeBron on Loyalty; Tom Brady’s Playlist | Out of Bounds

It was a huge day in the NBA yesterday and the #OutofBounds crew is here for all of it. All-Stars Kevin Love and John Wall are going to be out for nearly two months with injuries. Gil and the gang discuss the impact on the players, their teams, the playoff races, and why the system to replace them in the All-Star Game is f*cked up. For this week’s In Play segment, OOB takes a closer look at Saturday’s Rockets-Cavs primetime matchup, which could get ugly, given Cleveland’s league-worst defensive rating and James Harden going off last night for the first 60-point triple-double in NBA history. From there, the team talks loyalty in sports, after LeBron James used the Clippers’ Blake Griffin trade to call out a double standard for teams and players. To wrap things up, everyone weighs in on the music Tom Brady says he listens to when trying to center himself and what it says about the five-time Super Bowl champ.

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27 thoughts on “Harden Breaking Records; All-Star Injuries; LeBron on Loyalty; Tom Brady’s Playlist | Out of Bounds

  1. john wall really not a left handed jumper, he just smartened up and decided to start using his left hand because if he went on using his right it would only make his career even shorter

  2. Straight up Boogie is going to Wizards and DeAndre is going to Cavs no bullshit Cavs fucked up I would of always kept Kyrie over lebron. It's exactly the same thing with Shaq & Kobe

  3. OKC had all the players Arenas named and Reggie Jackson. Got to be one of the worse franchises if they cant string anything with Russ,PG and Melo they have to be considered the worst franchise in recent history.

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