Harden Talks Hoops & Style Evolution; CP3’s Gil Stories; LeBron Playoffs Conspiracy! | Out of Bounds

There won’t be any NBA games played until Thursday night, but Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds team still have plenty to talk about in the world of basketball. During All-Star Weekend, Commissioner Adam Silver entertained the idea of shaking up the NBA playoffs format, re-seeding the top eight Eastern and Western teams 1–16 to increase the likelihood of the two best teams meeting in the championship round — regardless of conference. Gil and the guys debate the idea’s merits and ask, is it all a conspiracy to give LeBron James a better shot at making the Finals? With Houston (44-13) boasting the league’s best record at the All-Star break, the team discusses the reasons for the Rockets’ success and whether or not they’re the best team in the NBA. (Have the Warriors woken up from their regular season nap yet? Does it even matter?) Speaking of the Rockets, MVP front-runner James Harden sits down with OOB to talk about his evolution as a player and fashion icon, Houston hoops culture, and what he didn’t know about Chris Paul before they teamed up. Next, CP3 chats with OOB about building a brotherhood in Houston, witnessing greatness in Harden, and his off-court interests. The superstar assist man also dishes some pre-Draft workout and Team USA Gil stories — a bit of flaming that Gil responds to in true Hibachi fashion.

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45 thoughts on “Harden Talks Hoops & Style Evolution; CP3’s Gil Stories; LeBron Playoffs Conspiracy! | Out of Bounds

  1. I wonder how Gilbert felt hearing the other guy saying James is only 29 and has years of prime left. Imagine if Gilbert got to 29. Would we still be calling it the Least with wade, Gilbert and bron running wild? 3 mvp candidates in your conferences is a lot more than 1 since wade and bron ended up playing together after one was past their prime. Always a wizard Gilbert. You’ll always be agent zero to us. No analytics from 12 year old warrior fans will convince us that curry and harden came out of nowhere. Dc saw it first. Why do you think bron and kobe had nightmares with him?

  2. Lbj will only go to the west if he joins a stacked team the east is terrible Cavs Celtics and that's about it everyone else doesn't have a real shot at winning anything. LeBron goes to the finals every year in the east without any real stars coming east.

  3. Harden won't have to play his same style and repeatedly hit the wall and lose games for his team this year…they have better defenders (he has improved himself)…CP3 is creator and still effective/elite at getting busy…Joe Johnson will help on both ends…Rockets are a problem.

    OKC should have made a play for Joe Johnson, big wing that is an effective shooter that can play D still in spots…that give them exactly what they need. Rockets are a problem…OKC just has more talent….it will come down to who plays more desperate if they get to each other.

  4. He has no idea what he's talking about…..smh the rockets play D bro watch them play!! And have atleast 5 or 6 guys that can go off and score a crazy amount points at any time….thats why this has been the most chatter about a team possibly deafeting the warriors since they been built….tbh thier lucky they got KD or it would have been game over!!!!

  5. Arenas is a great analyst. Not good, GREAT. He’s not a hater like the former players, but he is realistic, technical, and intelligent when taking on NBA topics.

  6. Im suprised ppl thought this wouldn't work out, they both clearly have one goal and both already tested the waters in summer games plus they have a great team of shooters defenders and big men that'll hold down the paint

  7. Rockets don't play defense, they don't play defense, you dumbass, they been playing defense all year and one of the top team in defense. This guys think they're just going to stop playing D because it's the playoff. Stupid how they are comparing this current team to the old one, people change, they evolve, the Warriors didn't become as good as they are overnight.

  8. if the nba change the playoff it will be a bad move super weak it doesnt matter if lebron goes to west he still will have to face the teams it doesnt matter if its all about the western conference finals its still a good game to play or watch

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