Hayley Kiyoko Says Rita Ora’s New Single “Girls” Sends Wrong Message

Rita Ora’s new single “Girls” was touted as a bisexual, feminist anthem; however, not everyone is pleased with the song’s overall message.

The track—assisted by Cardi B, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha—has a similar vibe to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” as it includes lines like: “Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls” and “Tonight, I don’t want a dog, I want a kitten.”

Ora shed some light on the song’s meaning in a recent interview with People magazine, insisting “Girls” was intended to celebrate “gender-fluid freedom.”

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48 thoughts on “Hayley Kiyoko Says Rita Ora’s New Single “Girls” Sends Wrong Message

  1. So basically Hayley is saying other women can't write songs about loving women but her because she thinks shes "gay Jesus" because of her toxic fans. Hayley baby, you do the same thing. Don't even try that shit.

  2. Now we can’t even make a fun fucking song without someone criticizing it? Fuck out of here. It’s a song… who takes songs that seriously? Live & let people live Jesus Christ.

  3. I understand why they would say something like that for some songs but this one I don't. It is a personnal story rita ora decided to share with us, it's her feelings, her point of view, she never claimed to be speaking for all the bisexual or even lgbtq+ community, she told her story ! The song is catchy and the "harmfull" lyrics are just par her experience, we can't blaim her for that, how many girls do figured out they were gay or bisexual after experimenting ? If this song can help some girls understand it's ok to experiment (wether they are gay or straight) I don't see what's wrong with that. For real, freedom of speech is really important, if you really want to attack harmfull lyrics there are plainty out there but not in this song.

  4. “Fuels the male gaze??” Wtf?? If her lyric video was for the male gaze, then I’m sure the music videos where Hayley straight up makes out with girls are pandering to the male gaze too. She’s a huge hypocrite. (I’m bisexual myself btw)

  5. Why even get offended? Has no one ever heard of one night stands n shit? Not everything has to be super serious just let her make a song about fucking girls Jesus

  6. there's nothing wrong with being who you are. Let those shitty men control their hormones. I'm a bisexual and I think they just disrespected who we are.

    Don't hate me, that's how i see it and it's just my opinion.

  7. You all know this song was written by men right? Cis men. And cardi b. It was written by men who see bisexual women as just two women trying to get their attention. I love the media promotes female bisexuality to young girls.

  8. Oh but these chicks who think "Girls" is controversial don't say shit when men rap or sing about degrading women. Fuck out of here with that bullshit. I think the song is good and provocative. You don't like it, then listen to something else.

  9. Here’s the thing everyone experience sexually different and this is how she experienced it. I’m a songwriter and people who listen to music forget that most songs written are not about you it’s about what the artist had experience and how they are expressing themselves. People are so quick to make themselves a victim and wanna say they are offended. Here the truth about Rita song like she said she wrote this song base on her experience and guess what some people gonna love it or hate it just get over it and move on. You can’t be piss at her you can’t tell her how she show express her self and if you get offended than don’t listen to the song simple as that

  10. I swear they make a big deal out of nothing & anything, They got rappers saying they sale drugs & trap out the bandoe, but ain't nobody put🔥under they ass, lawddd take the wheel from these lames. 🙏

  11. ???????I really can’t believe that Rita Ora had to apologize for being an artist and expressing HER art! She’s telling HER story ! it is none of kiyoko’s business to tell Rita Ora that what she’s lived is wrong????

    all y’all fake woke

  12. I think its sad that a song about living your life and making experiences can not co-exist with songs about true love between women.
    There are a lot of women who are bi or bi-curios and can relate to these lyrics and thats ok.
    I relate more to haleys lyrics and thats ok, too.
    In this world both songs are possible lifestyles and we should tolerate each in the same way.

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