Here Are Some of the Most Powerful Signs From the Women’s March

While President Donald Trump is celebrating the one-year anniversary of his inauguration with a government shutdown, thousands of people around the U.S. are celebrating, too—just not for Trump. They’re commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March.

The movement campaigns for many legislative policies concerning women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, reproductive rights, the environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and more. Last year’s rallies came a day after Trump’s inauguration. The Women’s March was also the largest day of protests in U.S. history.

On Saturday, protestors once again took to the streets with those issues in mind. Here are some of the most powerful signs from the 2018 Women’s March from across the U.S.

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38 thoughts on “Here Are Some of the Most Powerful Signs From the Women’s March

  1. Why does it seem like half the women are confused. Nobody is out to get you. Most guys love their women and want them to succeed. When you protest that just makes people ignore your problems don't you know that. It just reinforces the opposition's way of thinking. This is no different when the blacks protest and burn buildings down. there problems will not get solved by protest or hatred speech. No one ever listens to someone while they are whining. You should never be Pro woman pro-gay Pro white or Pro anything else for that matter cuz it warps your brain into narrow thinking.

  2. Oh do fuck off complex with your virtue signalling bullshit, let me hit you with some facts! No one cares! It's all an illusion. Look around your office at all the men…. Every single one of them has had a wank at least twice a week thinking of the girls of complex! If the lights went out and rules no longer existed they would force themselves Upon the girls there in a heartbeat! Leftie men are the worst offenders of all! You campaign against men on the right when we are the good guys of the world! You just are too self centred to see this!

  3. Woohoo I pretend I get paid less because I decided to choose to become fashion designer instead of a major that’ll actually make me money! WHAMEN

  4. That march was so bs they don’t need to march for shit woman have a 2:1 advantage to men in everything nowadays jesus 😂😂this is a girl saying this too. Only different between me and those women is that I’m not ignorant and a spoiled brat

  5. Why do none of these feminists go to areas that women don’t actually have rights in? Is it just self interest because it only affects them here or do they just not give a shit about areas like Saudi Arabia where bitches get stoned to death for talking back to their husband. These hoes really need to get their priorities straight

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