Here’s How Apple Plans to Take on Netflix

Apple’s dive into the world of Hollywood is already making waves, with new shows that are coming sooner than previously expected. A recent report from the New York Times revealed the company is planning to begin rolling out content sometime between March 2019 and summer 2019.

According to the report, Apple has outspent Facebook and YouTube on its quest to make original content, and beaten Netflix in a few bidding wars. As a result, the tech company has made deals for 12 projects, nine of which are “straight-to-series” shows. Apple has been enticing producers to join its now 40-person entertainment team by dangling a $1 billion budget. In comparison, Netflix is spending $8 billion on original projects in 2018.

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37 thoughts on “Here’s How Apple Plans to Take on Netflix

  1. Thankfully I switched over to Android, Netflix it's not really a concern since I have T-Mobile which means free Netflix. The only two streaming services I'll pay for is vrv and Disneys streaming service when it comes out next year.

  2. Focusing on "quality over quantity" and "being choosy" sounds like utter bullshit to me. Netflix also spends money on quality shit, and those proposed shows don't look like better quality to me. The bottom line is they're spending less and getting less, meanwhile Netflix will have far more options.

  3. People asking why they being mean to this man. This are the sheep of the inter-web. They do and say what orthers say because they are weak minded and follow a trend good or bad. This are the ones that typically make everything worse and mess everything up in the world because they cannot think for themselves.

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