Here’s How LeBron Feels About the Steelers Trying to Recruit Him

Two of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ best players, wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and running back Le’Veon Bell, are going all-in on recruiting LeBron James. That’s right—JuJu and Le’Veon want King James to ditch the hardwood and come over to the football field to play with the Steelers next season.

JuJu, who’s a great Twitter follow, announced his “official campaign” to recruit James Tuesday afternoon. He claimed James could become the greatest athlete—not basketball player, but athlete—of all-time if he were to win a Super Bowl.

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38 thoughts on “Here’s How LeBron Feels About the Steelers Trying to Recruit Him

  1. Lebron soft as fuck! Flopping ass wouldn't make it in the nfl! Just cause he's 6'8 don't mean shit! That shit he did in highschool don't compare to the nfl so don't even bring that shit up. Lil niggas was out there putting that pop on him. He better stay his soft ass in basketball.

  2. Not watching video just here on pause to remind whoever made this dumb video and everyone watching it how much lebron cried about the physicality of playing power forward in Miami. Can’t handle pf in the nba he definitely can’t handle a few good hits on the football field.

  3. Lebron is the biggest flopper in the nba this nigga falls to the floor when air hits him to get a foul, what makes them think hes gonna last in the nfl

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