Here’s How LeBron Ultimately Made His Free Agency Decision

Two weeks ago, after LeBron James announced he was signing with the Lakers, we speculated about how he made his decision. Now we have a simple explanation for why he chose L.A. LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul, recently conveyed to Sports Illustrated how LBJ has made all three of the big free agency decisions during his career.

“In 2010, when he went to Miami, it was about championships,” Paul told the great Lee Jenkins. “In 2014, when he went back to Cleveland, it was about delivering on a promise. In 2018, it was just about doing what he wants to do.”

It sounds simple, but that’s what we’ve heard all along—that going to L.A. just aligned with what LeBron wanted personally. As Paul tells it, LeBron wasn’t driven to create a super-team, immediately win championships, or build a business empire in Hollywood.

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19 thoughts on “Here’s How LeBron Ultimately Made His Free Agency Decision

  1. He only needs one🏆 in my eyes to truly be on NBA’s mount rush as one the greatest and why not Showtime it’s great fit for a true baller at the sport a couple of great years we’ll have in basketball here in LA period dnt be mad support ur teams and hope there front office wants the trophy like ours stop the crying haters #Liveyourbestlife

  2. if you beat the warriors in the west they can’t go to finals, the ultimate chess move, crazy plan but smart 😂plus he get to live in the best city in the country, chess not checkers

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