Here’s What We Know About Sophie Brussaux, Drake’s Alleged Baby Mama

Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon” thrust Sophie Brussaux, Drake’s alleged baby mama into the spotlight. Here’s a rundown on who she is.

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48 thoughts on “Here’s What We Know About Sophie Brussaux, Drake’s Alleged Baby Mama

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  2. drake took the L on this one
    lets be real real any celebrity who knocks up a pornstar is just as bad as any normal day to day person getting exposed for paying for an escort..come on now,yall really think he didnt pay for it?..these female pornstars can make up to 5bands a shoot,if she any smart she probably charged that nigga 20grand for 30mins 50000 for an hour #OVOUltraSound

  3. My father ran away when i was 6, let me tell u ignorant niggas, for a child the amount of money your father makes is not important, the child just feels like he/she belongs and matters when the father is around. Niggas like Drake need to finish in condoms or work on their pull out game. Not listening or buying this niggas music from here on out.

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