Here’s What We Know About the YouTube Shooting in California

On Tuesday afternoon, a shooter entered the headquarters of YouTube in San Bruno, California. Though updates are still coming in, three people suffered gun shot wounds, and the shooter, who’s reportedly been identified as Nasim Aghdam, has died.

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36 thoughts on “Here’s What We Know About the YouTube Shooting in California

  1. Here’s a lil secret for u ignorant fucktards, it is way easier and cheaper to purchase an illegal gun than a legal one. I’ve seen first hand an oz of weed get traded for a handgun, so u stupid millennial and snowflakes that know nothing about shit like this should just stfu cuz changing the gun laws will only benefit the government and criminals.

  2. Remember when “youtubers” didn’t worry about views or ad revenue…when they posted just because they loved doing it… when YouTube was just for a fun and something people did when they weren’t at their actual job

  3. People say this person is crazy just because a few people at youtube HQ got shot? What about all the lives ruined by YouTube ? all of the sociopaths ? All of the suicides?
    It is ok to sit back and make money off people who are kind enough to choose your platform mostly a result of Google buying out all the competition, I think it is basically a scam like Ebay, PayPal etc etc

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