Here’s Where Kanye’s Troll Song “Lift Yourself” Landed on the Billboard Charts

Kanye West’s troll of a track titled “Lift Yourself” (does Poopy-di scoop, Scoop-diddy-whoop ring a bell?) is apparently bubbling underneath the Billboard Hot 100 chart right now, just five spots away from being including in the top 100. That means some of you have been streaming Kanye’s troll enough that it’s actually very close to charting—nice.

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38 thoughts on “Here’s Where Kanye’s Troll Song “Lift Yourself” Landed on the Billboard Charts

  1. Kanye West is not crazy think about it "Lift Yourself" is obviously not Kanye. That song was made to show the ignorance of the world. As bad as the song is it's still at the top of the charts. Kanye is a genius.

  2. "If it isn't a joke-"
    Wait a sec, did you just say there was a possibility Lift Yourself was a serious song? Jeez, you are why are generation is criticised.

  3. People want to laugh 😂 I believe. Their sick of this imma bad thug look at my chains and gold teeth, look 👀 at the booty and throwing counterfeit and or money around horse 🐴 💩 shit. Yeah it’s retarded but it makes you laugh.

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