Here’s Why Blac Chyna Thinks the Kardashians Are Trying to Destroy Her

Blac Chyna is still coming after the Kardashians. She filed a lawsuit in court alleging that the famous family pulled strings to kill her E! series show Rob & Chyna. The Kardashians then asked for the suit to be dropped, saying that the show was canceled because of Chyna, not them.

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50 thoughts on “Here’s Why Blac Chyna Thinks the Kardashians Are Trying to Destroy Her

  1. Of course they want to destroy her. By preying on the weakest member of the kardashian clan she now can claim a piece of their kingdom. Not to mention unlike other significant others of the family, she doesn’t raise the families social profile or bring money in. To them she is basically a leech who now has them by the balls for 18 years. Doesn’t surprise me they don’t like her

  2. Blacc Whyna, when did becoming a thot-hoe become a career? See this what we get, fucking Tyga pulls her ghetto ass out of the strip club, now she thinks she's a celeb.

  3. She should be suing only Rob bcos after he released those pictures she was done! Of cos d media loves drama and will drag and dig up drugs and all. She made it worse by suing them. D media and gossip sites are d ones running with it and u are not d kardashians dat can survive and thrive despite negative media

  4. You guys are becoming the generic brand of TMZ. What news is this?! Post something note worthy like Oprah’s speech not some feud between a thot and a soggy diaper bodied bitch. UNSUBSCRIBE

  5. Bitch u thought you was gone keep fucking other men and finessing lol. I hate the KKK clan. But them mfs stick together. Idk what u thought you was doing. Not gone work as long a Kris running the show

  6. It’s so crazy to see so many black men root for a family that’s trapped and used black men numerous times…. smh. But when it’s the other way around tho 😂 but honestly I remember everyone hating the kardashians before this whole chyna and rob debacle where’s that energy at now tho?

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