Here’s Why LaVar Ball Is Pulling His Sons Out of Lithuania

The Big Baller Brand Lithuania Tour appears to be coming to an end. With LiAngelo Ball nursing an ankle injury and preparing for the NBA Draft, and LaMelo Ball receiving minimal playing time, their father, LaVar, has elected to pull them from their team, Vytautus.

The not-at-all surprising reason: LaVar couldn’t get along with the team’s head coach.

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42 thoughts on “Here’s Why LaVar Ball Is Pulling His Sons Out of Lithuania

  1. Lavar said Lonzo is better than Steph Curry . WRONG! He said, Lonzo will lead the Lakers to the playoff on his first year. WRONG!. Lonzo is a great passer but can't shoot but that could be fix. Second, his injury prone that might be a problem. The moral of the story when your dad overhype his sons and they can't deliver Lavar Ball is just plain an idiot.

  2. You can blame his white wife for birthing these 3 sons. Cause in hindsight?? Lavar balls sons would never have been born. Hence?? No deserving media attention.

  3. I get why Liangelo could of played in Lithuania, but having Lamelo play there is just complete nonsense and obviously is bc Lavar had some loss of pride w chino hills or soemthing. Lamelo was at such a perfect environment for basketball and people in Lithuania and across the world who are involved wish to be in the spot he was in. It’s like transferring from Harvard to some commuter college. Just a complete pathetic move by Lavar. And now he’s trying to drag this freak show as long as he can with the reality tv show and suck all the money out of it. He took the easy way out, let’s face it.

  4. There IS life after basketball. And Melo is going to face it w/ less than an 11th Grade education. SO many people act like money is the ONLY measure of a person.

  5. The coach has donated a lot to the arrivals. He not only gave the guests more freedom, but also did not mind the operators running around, betraying relationships with other basketball players, putting his teeth in silence after every tricky LaVar's speech, and even giving the latter a steering wheel during the Big Baller Challenge Games.

  6. Smh here he goes teaching his kids when it doesn’t go your way run from ya problems and blame others. 🙄 I was loving it with his ass La Thief and La Hello being ALL the way over there it was quiet

  7. The coach wasn’t really good from what your shown from the games and the reality show. Plays a really slow pace compared to the Ball’s and wouldn’t let the bris play together rather bring them in when the team is down

  8. Gelo will have more experience in his 4 months as a pro in Lithuania than his draft class. He is a natural spot up shooter who can post up.

  9. I dont know why Lithuania even took these kids onto their team to begin with. They should have known right from the start that Lavar was a sideshow act. These 2 kids are NOT a fucking nother' Lonzo…no matter how much Lavar tries to play it off like they are just as good. Neither of these kids are going to play in the NBA no matter how much spotlight Lavar tries to put on them. I know streetballers that are twice as good as both of these kids. The fact that Lamelo is even entering the NBA draft this year is laughable at best (if this kid is supposed to be a "Big Baller" then why the hell did he HAVE TO steal from a jewelry store?) and I cant wait for Lavars dope headed reaction when nobody drafts him…and even if a team MIRACULOUSLY picks him up he is only going to play for 1 season on the bench AT THE MOST before he has to go back to Europe. The entire Ball family is a joke with their wannabe big baller brand and wannabe rap careers. I honestly feel bad for Lonzo that his entire NBA career has the potential to end up in shambles just because he doesnt have the balls (no pun intended) to stand up to his father and tell him that he is his own man and therefore can make his own decisions about his career. If I was Lonzo I would even ban Lavar from coming to my damn games. The point is…fathers take tips on what NOT to do when your sons are old enough to become their OWN men.

  10. Now, send Melo back to Chino Hills and allow Gelo re-enroll in UCLA (if they let him back on the team). Melo definitely won't be going to UCLA, but he could "probably" get a scholarship from other California schools like USC, Stanford or Cal Berkely. Maybe it won't happen since Lavar has run his mouth for the past year or so.

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