Here’s Why Students Want Changes To Gun Policy

Here’s why kids across the country are walking out of school on April 20, 2018.

Script by Shawn Setaro

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30 thoughts on “Here’s Why Students Want Changes To Gun Policy

  1. Did you just admit trump did something that was in your interest??? Amazing! Usually youd just call him evil for no reason or say that him wanting to not ban guns was racist or something.

  2. A dozen bumpstocks used in the Las Vegas shooting? They found the stocks with other guns that were being traded. THEY WERE NEVER USED. But I understand you guys only use liberal news sources. By the way, they never disclosed what firearm was used, but the rate of fire matched an m240 machine gun which is illegal under the 1986 machine gun ban

  3. Bumpfire is a technique. The bump stock is just the preferred tool to do it with. You can keep your pants up with any kind of string, but a belt is proper.

  4. Everytime I bought a gun at a gun show, they've done a background check. People who have never bought a gun, don't understand how much of a process it already is.

  5. It’s ridiculous that adults attack children for wanting change… no one wants to ban all guns common sense gun reform laws should’ve been passed a long time ago

  6. Compleft you fucking cucks. You can set up a sting on fake gucci but you cant try to buy a gun at a gun show to realize that there is no gun show loop. You dont know what bump stocks are? Vegas shooting happened months ago. We dont want gun registration because the government can come to our doors and take them. Fuck your fake ass kanye lebron dick riding “news” coverage.

  7. Yo. If you're in school/under 18 please keep reading this. Stop blaming everything that doesn't truly matter. Like everybody who's said this before me. "If a weapon is already in the school. Then it's to late." If the cops in your area are pussies and can't decide whether or not it's worth risking their life's for your life. Then chalk it up to bad luck. The teacher aren't security for you to socialize for 8 hours a day. They are there to teach you about the laws you're not making, the politicians you're not electing, or just alot thing you didn't already know. The Nicholas Cruz shooting TV reports had one vital key information y'all didn't catch. The reporter ask fellow students of the shooting who was Nicholas Cruz. They respond with "Oh he's the guy we made fun of."

    I don't condone any form of violence.

    The answer is stop bullying the kids who are mental, insane, your punching bag, or who have problems at home. They don't need extra insults or physical punishment coming there way. Tease your friends you're already cool with. Just look at how it started for once and don't push no one to far it'll cost innocent lifes.

    Show love for once.

  8. "Wow all these kids walking together, I guess I should stop shooting kids because they are walking conveniently in a group"

  9. Gun show loophole does not exist. Stephen Crowder attempted to buy guns from sellers in a show obama referenced to try and say that the gun show loophole exists. It doesn't. The majority of mass shootings are done with handguns so why not ban them? Why not ban hunting rifles which use the same or more powerful bullets than the AR15 which lots of people complain about banning. There has not been 89 mass shootings this year. Mass shooting is not legally defined term. The number 89 likely includes suicides of students. Weapons fired where no one was injured or 1 or 2 people may of died. A popular idea is that a mass shooting are of 4 or more kills in a short period of time. There is 0 evidence that shows that banning guns equals less crime. USA is 28th country in the world for homicides not 1st. There is no problem with shootings in the idea of them increasing over time which they havent. Google violent crime rates in america and you will see that gun violence has been consistently decreasing since the 1990's

  10. vendors at gun shows are Federal Firearms License dealers, and they do back ground checks. now nothing is stopping me from taking a gun into a show with a "for sale" sign on it, and then walking into the parking lot and selling it, but i can do that anywhere! doesnt have to be a gun show.

    banning bumpstock wont do anything. and

    and i agree with you, FU** the nra!

    the deadest attack in US history is 9/11 and they used box cutters!

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