How a Patriots Star May Have Prevented a School Shooting

Julian Edelman may have prevented a school shooting.

According to the New York Times, the Patriots wide receiver was sent a direct message via Instagram late last month alerting him of a threatening comment left on his account. Edelman, who was in Texas at the time, immediately alerted his assistant Shannen Moen in Boston, asking her to look through the hundreds of comments left on his most recent post. And sure enough, Moen found the threatening statement: “I’m going to shoot my school up watch the news.”

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41 thoughts on “How a Patriots Star May Have Prevented a School Shooting

  1. i also hope the 14 year old gets help, dont trow this kid in jail and trow away the key, help him… thats y school shootings occur, your society is 2 quick 2 ostricide people and thats creates potential timebombs… debate me?

  2. Am i watching a ricky bobby interview? These people at complex got no idea what to do with their hands all of em. pan that camera up guys, glad jules did this he the man Go PATS!!!!!

  3. FYI Frazier, that stat you spoke of at the beginning of the video was debunked. Some of those "school shootings" were suicides………..Check your facts kid.

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