How Atmos Created Tokyo’s Most Sought After Sneakers | Sole Origins

Sneaker writer Russ Bengtson hits the streets of Tokyo in search of the city’s most sought after sneakers and explores Japanese sneaker culture, while Atmos founder Hommyo Hidefumi, and basketball expert Yoichuro Kitadate and break down Japan’s love for the Nike Air Max and the Air Jordan.

Sole Origins is Complex’s newest docu-series that will uncover the untold stories of the most elusive sneakers from NYC, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles. Interviews with Joe La Puma, Clark Kent, Ugly Mely, Hirofumi Kojima and Eric Koston.

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30 thoughts on “How Atmos Created Tokyo’s Most Sought After Sneakers | Sole Origins

  1. Beautiful episode, beautiful series. The stark contrast between Japan and the US isn't at all surprising. We dont appreciate anything. Here, it's always been a natural recycle of the (nearly all) product to make way for what's new/next.

    Japan primarily is about individualism, high quality, personal preference, and making (any) a silhouette your own through your own style. The US has devolved into a conveyor belt. Majority follow trends and what's determined to be cool. With everything, you're trying to fit in and fall in line. This episode in particular, beautiful snapshot of the domino effects of sneakers/sneaker culture's proliferation into standard over the past 20+ years. What was once a fringe sub culture is now normalcy.

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