How Director X Went From Intern to Directing “Superfly”

Director X has worked on your favorite music video. From doing storyboards for the influential director Hype Williams to helming clips like “Hotline Bling” and “Like I Would,”—not to mention now moving into feature film territory with Superfly—X has been in the center of things for years now. We talked to him to discover how he moved from an internship at Much Music to directing music videos and movies featuring some of today’s biggest stars—and how you can do it too. Watch the video above to find out.

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28 thoughts on “How Director X Went From Intern to Directing “Superfly”

  1. That’s a slippery slope comparing sampling beats and biting art. Using bits and pieces from others to influence your own vision is very common but it is also said once a person bites another style, they’ve lost their own creativity. Gotta know the line.

  2. He's got a long way to go with Superfly. Hopefully he'll write and craft some interesting stories that won't just center around hip hop or the gangsta genre.

  3. Why are you making it seem like this dude is not a legend, I am 30 years old and I have known this guy since I was a teen .Hotline bling is not the biggest thing this guy did .He has been a legend before drake came into the game .Complex is compromised.

  4. Firstly the Picasso quote "good artist copy great artist steal" is not Picasso telling you its ok to steal. It's him saying everything influences us but we must make it our own. It is literally the opposite of what you did. I hate when low IQ artist use this quote to justify taking ideas from actual creatives. Same goes for sampling, you're not sampling if you just steal someones set design and add nothing to it. You sir are disgusting, telling a 75-year-old man "what are you gonna do about it" . You're so tuff! I can't believe they gave you a platform just to spread basic information & misquote people when you don't even understand the central philosophy behind the quotes your stumbling through!!! Your little interview is the antithesis of creativity. People like you are cancer to creatives stealing jobs from them, then misquoting other creatives to justify your lack of originality.

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