How Elon Musk Made Himself $1.4 Billion Richer Off One Tweet

Instagram models can make serious bank with sponsored posts, but Elon Musk may take the cake for using social media for money moves.

Business Insider reports a recent tweet from the Tesla CEO made him $1.4 billion richer. In the short message, Musk said he had plans to make Tesla a privately-owned company at $420 per share. He also claimed to have the “funding secured” to make the move.

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41 thoughts on “How Elon Musk Made Himself $1.4 Billion Richer Off One Tweet

  1. $TSLA stock price went up. At current standings it has a trade price of +$10 per share, compared to before the event. There are 170.59M outstanding shares, each share is now worth around 10 USD more. This indicates a market cap increase of about $1.7B. Elon Musk owns 22% of Teslas shares, that's about 37M shares. The tweet effectively made Elon Musk about $370,000,000 "wealthier", compared to before the spike. You're welcome.

  2. We all understand that he never actually was $1.4 billion richer right? The stock he owned went up $1.4 billion for a day and came right back down today. If he sold that stock yesterday, he would be $1.4 billion richer. But he didn't, and the stock price dropped today. So he didn't make anything. We all understand how this works right? And to Troy Prince, there are more than 6 billion people on the planet. So that $1.4 billion split between everyone on earth means… $0.15 per person. Math skills kids.

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