How Poo Bear Writes Your Favorite Hits

You may not know Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd’s name, but you definitely know his songs. From 112’s “Peaches and Cream” to Usher’s “Caught Up” to almost all of Justin Bieber’s recent work, Poo Bear has been penning your favorite hit songs for years. Now, he’s stepping into the spotlight with his new solo album. We sat down with him to get the inside scoop on how he created some of his biggest hits—and also presented him with some surprises along the way.

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27 thoughts on “How Poo Bear Writes Your Favorite Hits

  1. Poo Bear did 7-8 songs on Mariah Carey's upcoming album release. He is about to put her back at Number #1. She was also recently in the studio with Prince Charlez( Rihanna's Needed You) and No ID.

  2. drake still gonna deny the "ghost writing clams" while poo bear tells the open "i wrote for" i get it rappers and there egos but nigga own up your fans & "fans" won't read the credits still but yea and amazing beiber rich for being told "ok justin just sing and be the face" boom! rich af… crazy

  3. After reading up more on Poo Bear all I can say is I have mad respect for him. It’s another level of being humble doing what he’s doing and you can tell that he does what he does out of true passion for music. Big ups!

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