How the Grammys Will Try to Fix Its Gender Bias Issue

In the wake of women being grossly underrepresented at last week’s Grammy Awards, the Guardian reports that the Recording Academy is planning to set up an independent task force to tackle gender bias.

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44 thoughts on “How the Grammys Will Try to Fix Its Gender Bias Issue

  1. If y'all don't shut the fuck up about how women don't do shit and how men make better music. If anything it's the other way around since men talk about the SAME DAMN THING and the music industry was a male dominated industry but not anymore. Women can do their own shit, Tinashe recorded her mixtapes in her own bedroom by herself and wrote her songs and that's dope af. Y'all disrespectful af talking about females on how they aren't doing shit in the comments. Y'all don't know shit and majority of people I see on the comments of complex videos are ignorant ass guys who probably considers rappers like 21 savage, lil Uzi, lil pump, and Migos great and dope when they have the same ass flow, weak ass bars to a wack ass beat that sounds the same as everyone else, also talking about the SAME DAMN THING. Besides being biased with men the Grammys did make some wrong choices with the awards. Fr men ain't everything and y'all need to get off your high pedestal. Some of y'all don't even listen to women just cause y'all don't think it's masculine and it's too sensitive and that's why some of y'all don't even know women actually can do shit. As a guy, I can relate to Sza a whole lot after listening to her album "CTRL". Ignorance must be bliss to y'all and honestly I do think women are better than us sense almost every male artist is the same to me and don't seem to stand out talking on some real shit. People like Logic, Chance the rapper, Kendrick, J.cole, Drake, and more male artist I know who stand out because they speak on some real shit and aren't trash. Y'all get ya education and fix this😑

  2. The problem with liberalism is desiring equality of outcome. What we as humans need is equal opportunity. Also stop the oppressed Olympics, when society erodes due to a culture of tribalism, historically bloodshed is next.

  3. Why am I not surprised that this chick, once again, mispronounced a name. Haim is pronounced hi-ehm. For fucks sake, literally the only job you have is to research names before you report on them. Proof positive that this chick only has a job because she’s easy on the eyes.

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