How ‘The Last Dance’ Director Jason Hehir Earned Michael Jordan’s Trust

The Last Dance became ESPN’s most watched documentary on April 19. The documentary is slated to run for five total weeks and the director of the critically acclaimed documentary spoke with Pierce Simpson of Complex News to share stories about his first encounter with Michael Jordan, the music of the documentary & Michael’s hatred towards the Detroit Pistons.

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33 thoughts on “How ‘The Last Dance’ Director Jason Hehir Earned Michael Jordan’s Trust

  1. 4:20 that question right there shows the times we are living in. Every single day, every debate show, every YouTube comment. It's really ridiculous. Even LeBron called himself the GOAT. What?

    MJ has too much respect for the ones that came before. Kobe said "everything you see from me, came from him". LeBron wears 23 and dares call himself the greatest to wear that number and never even played against Mike in a game or much less a playoff series. The media drives the narrative and creates insecurities in these athletes that end up believing their own bullshit.

  2. Kobe better than brono dumb question about goat Mike vs 3-6 in the weak East brono the interviewer not a great interviewer 4-19 my b-day

  3. Good interview, but I wish guys would stop calling Michael Jordan “Mike,” like they’re friends with the man. Call him Jordan, MJ, , Michael, Mr. Jordan…but don’t call the man “Mike” like y’all are cool and hang out.

  4. I really love how eloquent Jason Hehir is in all these interviews. As a huge Jordan fan, I appreciate how he humanizes MJ in this doc yet somehow still retaining our reverence for MJ as a basketball player and cultural icon. Kudos to Jason and the whole team for a great job! Thanks for allowing us to tap into a wheelspring of youthful nostalgic emotions with your great treatment of the Last Dance doc ü

  5. Stop the MJ's legacy threatened by LBJ. MJ has nothing but great words for LBJ's game. Watch his Paris interview. He also liked today's fast-paced no-touch NBA. He's not your typical old school baller who liked to compare eras. He even respected Harden's game. He's excited for the future of the game. MJ is a true lover of the game.

  6. Gotta give it to him the music gave me goosebumps and made me reminisce… this dude is good and understands hip-hop and understands the god mc Rakim!!

  7. This dude is wack bruh. He think he is bigger than the players cuz he got his little footage? You called Rodman a feral cat after he gave you 3 hours of his time. Get this dude the fook out of here

  8. That documentary basically summed up Michael Jordan it's not about him. It's about others. Even the title of The Last Dance says it all and that's why he remains being a winner…true or facts?

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