How To Get A DATE With KJ Apa!

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IF you ever wondered what it would take to catch the eye or attention of everyone’s favourite Hunky red headed, CW star Archie Andrews AKA real life name KJ Apa, look no further!

What’s up Guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and if you’re like me, and find yourself swooning everytime KJ Apa, AKA Riverdale’s Archie Andrews hits the screen or your feed, YOU’RE gonna wanna hear this.

OK, so have you ever thought to yourself, if I ever met my dream celebrity one day that I low key dream of dating, how on earth would I play it cool and not fangirl out???

Well our dreams have been answered by none other than our favourite dreamboat, KJ APA, who’s here to tell us HOW to catch HIS eye on a dating app!

E! caught up with the teen heartthrob and put him through a vigorous Swipe Left, Swipe Right questionnaire.

So in order to win over the New Zealand native, there are FIVE major things you MUST DO on your dating profile… and there are some BIG ole Don’ts as well!

Let’s start with the Do’s shall we?

KJ Apa is a big supporter of natural beauty… Coming from New Zealand and being the outdoorsy type that he is… he’s looking for a girl who doesn’t cake on the makeup but rather goes for that natural dewy fresh-faced look!

Second thing to keep in mind when catching the eye of an up and coming mega-tv movie star… If you’ve got tattoos or are thinking about getting a tattoo… Keep it and go forth with inking up! KJ loves tattoos and has at least 4 major tattoos and told GQ Australia, QUOTE “If I wasn’t acting, I’d have tattoos everywhere. I’m so jealous of Justin Bieber!I would have them all over my neck and I want a sleeve.”

Now if you think your selfie game is strong and it will grab KJ’s attention… think again! This is actually a big turn off for for him.

Next, if you’re the shy type and aren’t sure what to say … just drop a ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’.. because in the words of KJ Apa… “what else is there to say.”

Oh and if you want to drop a cheesy pickup line as well… he totally digs it!

Speaking of other people disappearing… make sure to HAVE pics of you with the opposite sex on your dating app! I’ll Let KJ explain

And if you’re only here for the weekend… KJ is up for a a little weekend rendezvous

BUTTTT do NOT respond right away…he admits it’s a sign to turn the other direction and run! So take now, even though he’s a major babe and celeb, play it cool and don’t act too keen.
Alright, well if I haven’t just overwhelmed you all… get those dating apps up to speed and maybe you’ll land yourself a date with KJ Apa!

So now I want to turn it over to you. What did you think of KJ’s dating app tips? And which celebrity do you dream of finding on a dating app one day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Then you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube at Sussan_Mourad.

After that, click right over here for another new video and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our channels and click that bell so you never miss an update, like this on! Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you later. Bye Guys.

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