How to remove Paint Scuffs on your Car !! Diy

Full video on how to remove car scuffs and deep scratchs on your car! This is easy and cheap Repair you can do it at home yourself!! Help or advice here :

2019 Bumper Repair video:

Products used:
Clearcoat aerosol-
Silver wheel aerosol-
Primer Aersosol-
Sandpaper assortment-
Masking Tape-
Tack cloth-
Body Filler Bondo

My Camera and gear
Canon Eos Camera –
Sturdy Tripod –
50mm Stm Lens –
Timelapse iphone 8 –
Phone Tripod –
Camera Bag –

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25 thoughts on “How to remove Paint Scuffs on your Car !! Diy

  1. Be better if we saw the area where it was fluffed off along the bumper, you normally have over spray and when buffed n polished it shows a line like a join.

  2. Very good and clear instructions on how to repair and repaint the bumper. However, I can see a line where the tape was on the left side of the painted area, meaning that the paint won't have a consistent color with the rest of the bumper. He should have repainted the entire bumper, so there is no line and the paint color would be consistent across the entire bumper. Even if you can get the same paint using the color code from the manufacturer, it does not mean that the new paint is exactly the same color. It appears that he did the work outside in the drive way or the street, which is no no for painting. You can do all the sanding, body filling, and scuffing outside to keep the dusts level down but you want to paint inside a garage or close space, so you don't get air borne contaminants to settle on your wet paint. The best option at home garage is really using plastic liner and masking tape to make the enclose space big enough to keep the car inside and prevent the dusts from settling on the paint. Of course, you would want to wear decent respirator for the entire time including sanding, cleaning, painting, etc. to protect your lungs from the nasty dusts and aerosol paint. He is right on one thing, the painting has to be done at the right temperature and humidity so that the paint can dry and cure properly or it won't last.

  3. This man is insane

    Too much of everything is bad and that's what he is doing

    Worrying about stupid scratch on bumper that can be fixed in other cheap ways permanent ly

    U wasted my time

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