How to Solve America’s Weed Problem at the Midterm Elections

Marijuana legalization of all kinds is gaining steam. But there’s more to the issue than just being able to smoke in public. Carri Twigg breaks down the politics of getting high, and how it’ll play out in the upcoming election.

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30 thoughts on “How to Solve America’s Weed Problem at the Midterm Elections

  1. Legalization will happen whether you vote Republican or Democrat. The only 3 people in the way are Mitch McConnell, Pete Sessions, and Jeff Sessions. This isn't a red vs blue issue anymore. Kentucky can vote McConnell out and Texas can vote Pete Sessions out in 2020. Both of their approval ratings are garbage right now in their home states. Legalization comes for sure 2021 and you don't have to vote Democrat to do it. Educate yourself and make your own decision. Don't rely on "Complex" News to decide what you want for your country and state. Whatever the decision may be, make it yourself.

  2. People can talk shit about weed all they want, there still hasn't been a single death caused by weed. TBH lung cancer doesnt count because it would be the same result with cigarettes; plus theres a bunch of ways of intaking THC without smoking

  3. I hate white people who ACT as if they don't KNOW America is set up FOR THEM and ONLY THEM "You wouldn't be in jail if u followed the rules" meanwhile ALL Y'ALL WHITE BOYS are some stoners ONLY DIFFERENCE is YOU ARE NOT THE FUCKING TARGET.. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET PULLED OVER FOR NO REASON AT ALL, YOU WILL GO HOME FOR "JUST A LIL BLUNT" WE GET BOOKED AND RELEASED AND A FUCKED UP RECORD.. so DEAR WHITE PEOPLE! PLEASE use your fucking brains for MORE than just being the most destructive race on the planet 😑

  4. Lol ya'll in prison for continually breaking the law. How can cops profile people be called racist when most crimes happen in the ghetto and most ghettos are full of minorities?

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