Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Granted Permanent Protection From Los Angeles

The iconic Playboy Mansion isn’t going anywhere.

According to the Los Angeles Times, L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz has recently secured a “permanent protection covenant” with the property’s new owner, Daren Metropoulos. Though Koretz had initially sought to designate the mansion as a historic-cultural landmark, the new agreement prohibits Metropoulos, or any future proprietors, from demolishing the legendary residence that became synonymous with the late Hugh Hefner. Additionally, Metropoulos agreed to make necessary repairs to the mansion in order to preserve its original condition.

Metropoulos, the heir to the Hostess fortune, purchased the property for $100 million in 2016, under the stipulation that Hefner could live at the property until his death, which occurred Sept. 27 of the last year. Shortly after Metropoulos acquired the mansion, he announced his plans for extensive renovations. The new agreement will allow these changes to be made, just as long as the main house is not demolished.

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21 thoughts on “Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Granted Permanent Protection From Los Angeles

  1. What about the episode of Million Dollar Listing LA that covered the negotiations with a developer who purchased the mansion property and also the adjacent property? At that point, the two properties were not owned by the same owner so it could not have been Metropolous. How that that fit into the timeline of ownership?

  2. Is the property going to be sub-divided or left as is, is the Mansion going to be flipped and re sold, I think the new owner is lying there is just to much money to be made by dividing up that property into individual homes and knock down that old out dated rock house and again divide the property into small lots for a ton of money.

  3. Yess!! The legendary man’s house lives on forever as well!! I prayed back in January for his house to stay too,because there was an article saying something about his house or something. I was just like, “Hell no,his son should keep his legacy alive..” I was shocked. Anyways,I love you Hugh and miss you badly. See you in the afterlife!! ❤️💕🙂

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  5. Man, that house is just a house of sin, tear that shit down. I read reports about how in the last 10 years the mansion had this depressing vibe inside and it's not depicted like in the movies and tv shows behind closed doors. I'm sorry to say but Hugh Hefner exposed young women sexually, he didn't believe in God, he broke up marriages, he lived his life freely and didn't care and I am certain he's suffering or will suffer in the afterlife. Quite frankly, I don't give a shit if people don't think my comment is cool, how the fuck is committing adultery, drinking and doing drugs cool?

    Some dumb noob will look at my username and because I make such a comment I must be a religious fanatic and an uptight prick? Well I got news for you I am just stating facts. I mean when 70+% of you guys are acting completely horny with the same stupid ass comments over Natasha Martinez (no denying she's pretty) but seriously get out and find yourself one girl to be with smh

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