Hundreds of Leaked Files Show Terrifying Abuse Within the NYPD

A damaging report released by BuzzFeed News on Monday revealed that a large number of NYPD officers have committed fireable offenses but maintained their employment. This discovery was made through hundreds of internal police files obtained by BuzzFeed from an anonymous source.

At least 319 officers from 2011 to 2015 have committed crimes that include lying, cheating, stealing, or assaulting New York City residents. The alarming article shows that at least 50 employees lied on record or under an oath of some kind; 38 were found guilty of using excessive force; 57 had been driving under the influence, and several were accused of inappropriate behavior relating to sexual harassment—including one officer who touched and kissed a student while on duty at a school.

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36 thoughts on “Hundreds of Leaked Files Show Terrifying Abuse Within the NYPD

  1. NYPD stole everything from my pickup truck when I got booked for driving without a license, they picked my shit clean, I had beads on my rearview mirror guess what they took that to Fuck the Spanish Harlem station

  2. Let’s account for none reported stuff to let’s push it to 1,500 officer crimes out of 34,000 total officers. Show me the perfect humans for police work .we all messed up sinful creatures. Complex Illuminati confirmed uoeno

  3. Its true man I'm from Florida but when I went to the Bronx the cops treated me like shit they made me takeoff my shoes and socks in the cold in front of everyone and made me sit down own the floor i wasn't Gunna do it at first but everyone told me to do it or else they would take me beat me up and leave me on a the worst part of the bronx

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