ICE Will Send Over 1,600 Detainees to Federal Prison as ‘Temporary Measure’

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced on Thursday that it will send more than 1,600 of its detainees to federal prisons, NPR reports. The move is allegedly a result of the “current surge in illegal border crossings” coupled with the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance policy.” ICE will use Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities as a “temporary measure until ICE can obtain additional long-term contracts for new detention facilities or until the surge in illegal border crossings subsides,” Danielle Bennett, a spokesperson for the agency said in a statement to NPR.

Kevin Landy, a former Obama-era ICE official, told Reuters the development is “highly unusual” and added that “a large percentage of ICE detainees have no criminal record and are more vulnerable in a prison setting.”

One federal facility in Victorville, California is set to house the majority of the detainees, but others will be sent to facilities in Seattle, Washington, La Tuna, Texas, Sheridan, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona.

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43 thoughts on “ICE Will Send Over 1,600 Detainees to Federal Prison as ‘Temporary Measure’

  1. The surge of illegal aliens at the border is "not a thing"… you know perfectly well there has been a massive surge of people entering our nation illegally. Why would you lie so blatantly?

  2. I'm telling ya'll. The governments lies run deep and long. I started to see after an awesome YouTuber named Dane Calloway dropped video of knowledge on this platform. Feel free to research what he says as well, I know I have. What EVERYONE needs to get Woke about is our history, only then can the present and future be changed effectively.

    Not gonna beg to be seen, but if you see the truth then like and share that nugget of wisdom with others.

  3. This isn't news. The sooner these pages have to remote the word news the better. Leftist propaganda bullshit. Put them on an engineless boat. Give them a straw so they can blow their away to wherever they came from

  4. About time we start seeing real action taking place, get rid of any Illegals that has no rights to be here, children can be sent with parents to for all I care, they should be offered better opportunities and take AMERICAN people's jobs. Simple as that.

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