‘Incredibles 2’ Expected to Easily Break the Opening-Weekend Record for Animated Films

It looks like Pixar and Disney’s Incredibles 2 will make a record-breaking $175 million-plus domestic release, which will be the largest box office debut ever for an animated film, as well as one of the 10 biggest openings for any movie, the Hollywood Reporter shares.

Fellow Pixar sequel Finding Dory currently holds the title with $135 million. Disney, however, is being a bit more cautious and estimating Incredibles 2 will earn around $160-170 million.

The sequel raked in $71.5 million from 4,410 theaters on Friday (a total that includes the record $18.5 million from Thursday), which makes it the 14th biggest opening day in history.

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34 thoughts on “‘Incredibles 2’ Expected to Easily Break the Opening-Weekend Record for Animated Films

  1. Did you Know in The incredibles and The Incredibles 2
    Dash is 10
    Violet is 14
    Jack-Jack is 2
    Mr. Incredible is 39
    Mrs.Incredible is Unknown but most likely she’s 38.
    The film takes place in 1962 CONFIRMED
    So that means
    Dash Born in: 1952
    Violet Born in: 1948
    Jack-Jack Born in: 1960
    Mr.Incredible Born in: 1923
    Mrs. incredible most likely Born in 1924

    Meaning by the time Toy Story came out which takes place in 95. The Parrs are
    Dash : 43
    Violet : 47
    Jack-Jack : 35
    Mr. Incredible : 72
    Mrs. Incredible : 71

    And by the time Of 2018 they’d be
    Dash : 66
    Violet : 70
    Jack-Jack : 58
    Mr. Incredible : 95
    Mrs. Incredible : 94

    They’re all old geezers in 2018. Just a Fun fact!

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