Inside FTP: Working with Travis Barker, Police Raids, and Growing the Streetwear Brand

The founder and CEO of the illusive street wear brand FTP, also know as F*** The Population, sits down with complex to discuss the brands growth, working with iconic brands, and remaining anonymous.

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49 thoughts on “Inside FTP: Working with Travis Barker, Police Raids, and Growing the Streetwear Brand

  1. Man I fucking love this brand all these re sellers make it like impossible to buy shit nowadays last 3 drops I got my car ready within 4 minutes and half the shit I wanted sold out. But at the end of the day fuck it ima support regardless Zach started this shit for a reason homie deserves all this 2010-2020 dude has kept the same mentality puts on his homies. Kids nowadays don’t see that they just see a popular brand people probably gonna hate on this but fuck you

  2. they should have TWO thumbs categories on every video. one for appreciating the video upload itself and showing what's being expressed, the other for what was expressed in the video itSELF

  3. FTP's name has fuck in it for a reason. I understand why it would make other brands not want to associate with FTP but the name and the reputation makes the brand more badass.

  4. Man I hate to be that one guy but this brand is straight up just bland yoo. I don't see what y'all niggas see in it. The designs are sub-par, the graphics are straight boring. I ain't trying to bring down the message but I've seen this "Fuck" this and that stuff long before it. Nothing unique about it bro, just my opinion.

  5. I wish these guys did a drop of old favorites … like the wrath and natural selection shirts, the teddy etc. Missed all that good shit because they did not ship international yet

  6. I’m new to FTP and its just an amazing brand and i love the designs it’s just perfect and what I’d been looking for for a long time, and it sucks to see a bunch of hype beast fuck boys buy it for all the wrong reason and then the bitches that buy and resell everything

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