Inside Tay-K’s Legal Situation

Tay-K has faced serious and complicated legal issues during his climb to fame after releasing “The Race.” Here’s what you need to know.

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47 thoughts on “Inside Tay-K’s Legal Situation

  1. I'm confused, whine, cry and bitch about Nipseys killer but sing and dance to this guy ? What happened to black lives ma………. nevermind

  2. What a clown he robbing and killing people over photography and recording equipment he from Texas if you going wild
    out like this than why you ain't go Rob and kill one of them plugs for some real money and work than dudes jump on his music other clowns supporting clowns

  3. Kids these days are such dumb asses. We ran up on people for a decade and not one of us ever went down. We also never snitched , never killed anyone for no reason. Unreal how fucked you guys are.

  4. Folks just need better direction. When you’re born and bred in the gutter, especially being a young black male in a system built for you to suffer through nonsense, shit is real. All these lame niggas talkin bout don’t free him need to cut it.

  5. All y’all little pussys want a nigga to be bout his shit to he is product of his environment but y’all some pussys on god and another thing he might get some football numbers but he going to see the light of day y’all don’t know how this shit works whit his age all his shit was before he spent a day as a adult y’all want every rapper to be gangster to he proves his gangster fuck outta here

  6. Dude deserves to die . he killed mark over a camera. Him and his homies are trash i wouldnt even fuk wit them. Dnt kno wat mark was thinking wen he decided to chill wit bums.

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