36 thoughts on “Inspiring babies first vaccines

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I teach child and adolescent therapists at Cambridge University and IATE in London and this is a wonderful resource to show them a father soothing his baby when they learn about child development.

  2. My firstborn son was born on Father's Day this year and I can relate to this man. My son had jaundice and they had to take many blood samples from him to check his levels. When we went to get phototheraphy they also had to stick an I.V in his arm and I swear I was just like this man. I held him and cried with him and then my 3 day old son looked at me right when the needle went in and I grabbed his tiny hand and we cried together. The nurse was just smiling and said this must be your first. I am a masculine man just like this guy and I can't explain the love you feel for your child. I love this video!!!

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