Instagram’s Global Outage Was Reportedly Caused by a ‘Bug’

Instagram users around the world went into panic mode Friday when the popular platform abruptly crapped out.

The problem reportedly began at around 2:45 p.m. ET and wasn’t fixed until about 45 minutes later. Though it wasn’t a lengthy outage, it was enough time to cause uproar among the most dramatic corners of the internet. And where did these people turn to vent their frustrations and ease their worries? Twitter, of course.

According to DownloadDetector, more than 40,000 people reported Instagram outages Friday afternoon in countries like the U.S. the U.K., Italy, and Brazil. Though the company has not revealed how many people were impacted by the shutdown, a spokesperson has since confirmed it was result of some kind of glitch. Duh.

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46 thoughts on “Instagram’s Global Outage Was Reportedly Caused by a ‘Bug’

  1. Is anyone else seeing small accounts getting verified and there’s a lot . Every hour new accounts keep tagging me in posts and they are verified with few followers but growing rapidly . Anyone knows what’s up

  2. LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAD hopefully everyone has calmed down by now and we can get back to the general sense of anxiety, and pervasive form of escapism that instagram exists SOLELY TO CREATE. – Hanuman Lunch you're so fucking smart homie keep being that way.

  3. That explains why nothing was working for me on Instagram that day I logged out and signed back in that didnt work so I than restarted my phone that didnt and than the last step I took was to uninstall Instagram and reinstall the app that also did not work so I just left the app alone and then a few hours later it was working again:)

  4. “Panic Mode” over not being able to get on a social media website? Y’all are going to be SO LOST and WEAK when the world ends. Y’all are sad and pathetic seriously if you freaked out and acted like you have NOTHING else to do besides be on social media all day NO you are easy picking for me when the world ends. Lmao 😂😆 I almost cant wait so many weak 🐑 to Pilar and use as bait to attract animals for me to kill and eat.

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