Is Instagram Bringing Back the Chronological Feed?

Facebook is really going through it lately: on Sunday, it was revealed that research firm Cambridge Analytica, hired by the Trump campaign, mined Facebook data from 50 million users without permission and used it to influence the 2016 election and put Trump in office. Mark Zuckerberg only spoke out about the scandal yesterday, and he could only fake being a live human being for so long before making the argument that we all delete Facebook by admitting that “if we [can’t protect your data], then we don’t deserve to serve you.”

With all that said, though, the (admittedly Facebook-owned) Instagram has seen a chance to swoop right in and win the popularity contest between social media platforms once and for all by granting what is probably the average Instagram’s users biggest wish: chronological order. Well, sort of.

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42 thoughts on “Is Instagram Bringing Back the Chronological Feed?

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