Is James Harden This Generation’s Kobe Bryant?

Despite coming off of an MVP-award winning season, James Harden has seemingly topped that with his stellar 2018-2019 season thus far.

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36 thoughts on “Is James Harden This Generation’s Kobe Bryant?

  1. Is he better than kobe? Nope. Is he the closest thing to kobes scoring in the nba right now. Yep stop hating. Y'all calling him a bum but even kobe said in a interview he would pick harden to build a team around 2 years ago lmao.

  2. Kobe back in the day was a killer before all his injuries, killer defense, killer instinct, you cannot compared harden to Kobe because the NBA IS IN A DIFFERENT ERA NOW

  3. Take this piece of shit video down ASAP!!! Y'all better quit disrespecting Kobe Bryant, we talking about Kobe MF bryant, the closest thing to Jordan, here's the difference between Kobe and harden, Kobe dropped 50 points on the offensive end and also lockdown the best player on the defensive end, 9x first defense, harden has 0 defensive selection, stop with this non sense, the only person u can compare to Kobe is Michael Jordan and that's it, the two goats of basketball

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