Isaiah Thomas Says Cavs ‘Were in Panic Mode’ When they Traded Him

Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard Isaiah Thomas has a simple explanation for the blockbuster February trade that resulted in him getting swapped for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

“It’s a business,” Thomas told ESPN during an interview for the network’s E:60 program. “And the Cavs were, I mean, they were in panic mode. We were losing—a lot. And I think they felt like they needed to make a move, and they, they basically cleared house.”

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31 thoughts on “Isaiah Thomas Says Cavs ‘Were in Panic Mode’ When they Traded Him

  1. Shut up IT doing too much crying about getting traded if he was hooping then he wouldn’t have gotten traded. You can’t get injured come 15-20 games in not 100% from injury, not hoopin and don’t expect to be traded. Homie need to quit.

  2. They are like don't get me wrong lebron is good but he doesn't show his full potential & he can only carry teammates so far.
    People say durant is a snake but he made a smart move & it's not like they're carrying him,he got finals mvp like having a good team is why people like watching.
    Russell Westbrook is gonna go nowhere with his team he prefers team loyalty over being remembered for championships. Kobe had shaq,jordan had pippen,karl malone had john stockting,patrick ewing had john starks. Even Iverson was great but team sucked so no rings 😔

  3. yea they were in panic mode because they had to get rid of this scrub thats decreasing in value every day in the NBA. celtics knew this nigga was a time bomb and let his ass go and everyone asked why. now we know.
    cavaliers didnt panic they were literally just playing a game of NBA hot potato.

  4. Man IT needs to shut up already and focus on his game.. Reminds me of the high school girls and their drama.. No wonder no one respects him and he is constantly bullied on the floor

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