45 thoughts on “Issa Rae Talks Insecure Season 3, Social Media & How Her Character Translates To Real Life

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  5. I like how Facebook has a memory feature that brings forth old posts for you. I don't delete, because I like to monitor my growth. I just make them private for me to see and no one else.

  6. I love how this young lady built her brand from the ground up, literally! And as far as her HBO series "Insecure", I hope it has a run of at least ten years because it's fresh, it's heartfelt, it's funny as hell, and you can really get into the characters, all the ingredients needed for a successful series. I don't know how closely her character is to her in real life, but she plays the shit out of it. And Rafael Saddiq is killin' it with the soundtrack. Good stuff Ms. Rae. Keep it comin'. Continue to be an inspiration to all of the other up and comers of color out there.

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