Issa Rae Teases Black Masculinity Will Be the Theme for ‘Insecure’ Season 3

Issa Rae is smack-dab in the middle of production on season three of HBO’s Golden Globe-nominated Insecure. While the co-creator, co-showrunner, and star sees the success of her afro-centric exploration of young black Los Angelinos as a blessing, she also experiences a large portion of that responsibility as a toll. Heavy weighs the crown, and fortunately for us—Rae doesn’t mind sharing what that’s like, as we eagerly anticipate a whole new season of Issa, Molly, and Lawrence trying to navigate their 20s.

Being a triple threat—funny, beautiful, talented—might seem like the winning lottery ticket, but it ain’t always easy. “So many actors have the luxury of just going in to play a part, and I just feel like I know too much sometimes,” said Rae in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I wish I could turn my brain off!”

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46 thoughts on “Issa Rae Teases Black Masculinity Will Be the Theme for ‘Insecure’ Season 3

  1. the roots went down this same road, attacking straight black men! saying "black male masculinity is toxic" then twitter created a hashtag #therootsarticle where folks spoofed on there pathetic twisted point of view. 😂 the real question to ask and do a show about is why certain groups feel so threatened by straight black males?

    being a sbm and knowing the data and having folks like tone talks and yvette carnell bringing more data! straight black males are jailed at a higher rate, unemployed at a higher rate! killed at a high rate! so why fare the group that is blocked from being in the race? yes why? fear! the white male paranoia wants to get rid of any "potential" perceived "threat"

    the straight black female has been brainwashed by systemic racism to believe that sbm are a threat too them, only woke sistas! know this is not the case! peace!

    as far as rae not sure if she ment this as a joke, maybe in her circle in her mind not enough sbm are flirting with her, there are so many factors that could be causing this.

    o and on a biological tip! miss rae may need a refresher, we have testosterone which makes us manly!

  2. Be advised lil' ugly, fire ant face having "half-frican" feminist , STRAIGHT BLACK MEN AINT TAKING NO MORE BULLYING FROM YOU OR YOUR LGBT COMRADES. You want our attention , you got it.

  3. So this means they're going to try to dismantle, demasculate Black masculinity because to Black women, being a man or manly of being proud of your manhood is dangerous, evil and sexist.

    this is why tv is just shit with antennas, really. these Black women would hate my guts because i fucking love being a man, unabashedly, because there's absolutely nothing wrong with being one.

    you have a mental disease to think otherwise.

  4. As i and many other black men have been saying. The black woman is the biggest race traitors on the planet. No wonder why black men marry everything but they bitter feminist trash ass.

  5. I can’t stand this bitch at this point. “Toxic masculinity” isn’t a real thing. There are already terms to describe men who abuse or are physically, mentally or emotionally detrimental to their counterparts.

  6. Black males please stop being overly sensitive when the Topic is about black hyper-masculinity & how black women are affected by it. When black women show strength and its shown in our bodies we're called manly as if its the ultimate problem in the black community. We as black women have to carry more weight on our shoulders than any other race of woman. We get told being too independent having high standards & being the bread winners is the problem with why we cant keep find a black man but when we're coddling, progesting holding our black males hands then we're called the issue to black males being soft. Blamed for having kids with black men blamed for raising black boys alone as if black women had sex with no black man and his sperm didn't willingly enter an unprotected vagina. We're called out for speaking on black male behavior bc black males rather Point at black women to take the heat off them. We're held accountable responsible for everything we do & black males can do no wrong or it was their single mothers fault

  7. In other words to say something negative about Black masculinity and Black men. And the only way not to be toxic as a Black person is to either not be a man or not be heterosexual. Her handlers have her in full control.

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