J.I.D Talks ‘DiCaprio 2’ and Dreamville’s Competition With TDE

J.I.D sat down with Complex News to talk about his latest project, “DiCaprio 2” the sequel to ‘DiCaprio’, his love of movies (especially Leonardo DiCaprio) and how he feels about TDE vs Dreamville.

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37 thoughts on “J.I.D Talks ‘DiCaprio 2’ and Dreamville’s Competition With TDE

  1. Cole vs Kendrick
    Bas vs Q
    J.I.D vs Ab Soul
    Cozz vs Jay Rock
    Ari Lennox vs SZA
    Omen vs Isaiah Rashad

    Sorry but TDE cleans up and it's not even close, buuuuuut Dreamville artists are a little younger (except for Cole). Most of TDE is in their early 30's so they got about 4 years to catch up.

  2. TDE has had more experience and all people had their time to shine already and have an idea about how the game works, the thing dreamville has rn is artists that are young and thirsty. Dreamville has the thirstiest rapper our rn JID and he’s willing to go on and say we gotta step our shit up to compete with the top label atm and earth gang is super experimental having people say they give off outkast vibes and that’s crazy, Bas has an album that is better than some expected and he is only coming up too, Cozz’ effect although my least favorite on the label kid got some talent too, Ari has an amazing voice but is still to come out to Sza’s level not that she won’t because talent is all there, and all these artists are still to reach their prime TDE has artists who’ve reached it already so the upper hand is on TDE but Dreamville is coming up

  3. Lol I love all the TDE fans yelling that TDE would stomp and all the Dreamville fans yelling that Dreamville would stomp, like guys put your bias aside, you probably dont listen to the other record, just let great matchups be great matchups.

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